Bob’s new partner

Bob has recently had a new exhaust pipe fitted to enable a towbar to go on, so that Bob can tow the 1975 Eriba Puck we have just got.

He’s the new rear of Bob

bobs towbar

The exhaust is now tucked underneath. He still makes a good throaty sound but doesn’t backfire like he used to.

This is Bob heading out on his maiden voyage with PeggySue the Puck

peggy sue

and this was our convoy on the way to Mighty Dub Fest at the weekend

mollie peggysue and bob

Pictures of Bob from 2012

Here are a couple of new pictures of Bob when he was the star of the show for our wedding renewal back in April. He looks stunning outside the Old Deanery in Ripon.

and here are a couple of pictures on Bob in the Lake District on the journey up to Scotland

Volkspower 2010 Redcar

Today we spent the day at the Volkspower 2010 show at Redcar, Vee Dubbing by the Sea. It was a great day even though it was pretty blustery on the coast. The event is set at Redcar Rugby Club which allowed for lots of space for the guys who camped over the weekend, trade stands, food outlets and the Show and Shine. There was also the facilities at the Rugby Club that were open to the VeeDubbers too.

Bob the Camper Van was in the Show and Shine. Unfortunately he didn’t win and there was only one winner per category at this show, so no runner up or 3rd prize. Here is is in the line up looking stunning!

VW Split Screen Wedding Hire

OK so I have owned BOB for a while now, but was surprised to get an email at work asking if I would rent him for a wedding, a couple of things that I thought about was a) insurance did I need any for weddings b) do they know how load bob is with his performance exhaust pipe ?


Visiting the Lake District at Easter

Over Easter we went for a long weekend in Bob to the Lake District. Here are a few places we visited.

The Cumberland Pencil Factory in Keswick

CastleRigg Stone Circle in Kendal

Levens Hall in Kendal

And a record set at 70mph

1967 VW Camper Wiper blade replacements

It’s Official winter is now over in Bob’s Garage, I got him out this weekend to wash and clean ( he started on the 3rd go yeah) I still feel these are the original 1967 wiper blades lol..

and if I going to be really honest they just wave at the rain before it hits the windscreen so today I ordered a new set of wiper blades and arms from Justkampers :

Blades when £12.00 each and the arms £19.90 hopefully I will have them fitted before I set off to the lakes on Friday !!

Oh have also decide to create a page on the blog … how much does it cost to runner a 1967 split screen


1967 Splitscreen VW Campervan

This is Bob my 1967 Splitscreen VW Campervan

CSP Disc brakes
Brand new  1776 engine with Twin 45 Webbers
Tuned on rolling road at RE performance
Sports exhaust (new) and sweet sound!
15″ EMPI 5 spokes (new)
1 x large roof rack & 1 x small and fitted side steps
Front and rear seatbelts.
Decent cd/dvd player with fully installed telly in roo
12v  plugs and full electric hook-up for sites.

Baby blue and white. great panels, people often amazed how straight it is!
20 years of receipts  of every nut and bolt and photos of build.

In fairness other than the CSP disc brakes that’s pretty much how I brought him, but when you have something that takes longer getting from 60 – 0 than 0 – 60 you have problems 😉 so it was a no brainer, the Guys and Gal at Dubtricks are awesome by the way that’s who I will be using this year when Bob gets a few more bits added, aka lowering, axle conversion new electrics and fuel pipes etc …


Getting Bob Valeted

During last year, we got Bob valeted after we had a few outings out in him as he was covered in flies.

Heres a few pictures below.