VW Split Screen Wedding Hire

OK so I have owned BOB for a while now, but was surprised to get an email at work asking if I would rent him for a wedding, a couple of things that I thought about was a) insurance did I need any for weddings b) do they know how load bob is with his performance exhaust pipe ?



  • Lisa wrote

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  • Sarah @ SEO PPC wrote

    I would definitely use your camper van for my upcoming nuptials, how much would you charge?

  • Dave wrote

    never really thought about it lol

  • Charlotte wrote

    I am desperately looking for a Camper van for my wedding in Guildford next April….would you consider it?!

  • sandra wrote

    found you on the net and wondered wether you are hiring out Bob for weddings? Driven by you, for a trip to the registry office, poole in dorset on 11/11/11?
    If not, do you know anyone else?

  • Hazel wrote

    Very interested in hire for prom on 1st July 2011.

  • roy edge wrote

    HI could you please tel what colour blue is your campervan. Regards . ROY

  • Jey wrote

    Incidentally, I used to own one of these but a royal purple one 🙂

  • Graeme Summers wrote


    Just wondered if I could perhaps speak to you to see how I would go about replicating a similar restoration (great job by the way). This is exactly what I would like to buy (and build) in terms of colour and style so any help would be much appreciated. If you ever had a spare moment I’d be keen to call for a chat.

    Congratulations again on a great vehicle.

    Best regards